Blake Griffin, Dunks, and Please, Please Don't Get Hurt

By Noah Davis Comment

We were watching the Slam Dunk Contest on Saturday night, and it was pretty sweet when Blake Griffin jumped over that car. But then again, couldn’t it have been better? Like much, much more impressive.

We mean, sure Griffin impressively skied over the vehicle, but he just jumped over the hood. We feel like on a good day we could clear that part of the car. Surely Blake could have leaped over the top of the car or done something equally dramatic. It was a fun dunk, but it wasn’t all that impressive from an athletic perspective.

So why not? Probably because the Los Angeles Clippers management was terrified its prize would injure himself.

From the Associated Press (via The New York Times):

“I noticed when I went in for my rehearsal Thursday night, everybody from the Clippers was there. All our upper management and then I realized, everybody is kind of nervous about this. So I jumped over it and I kind of looked at them and they are like, ‘All right, you can do it.’ I understand why, but I guess they don’t trust me enough.”

At least BG gets an ad out of the whole thing.