Biz Profiling: Quick and Lee

By SteveK Comment

quick_5-7b.jpg• CNBC’s Squawk Box co-anchor Becky Quick is profiled in the current issue of 201 Magazine. “You still need to know what’s happening in the market, in the economy,” she says. “It’s important, and it’s why you hear mainstream news talking about the very same stories we’re talking about and trying to interview the same guests.”

Quick describes what she likes about working so early in the morning. “We love getting the news live, while we’re on the air, and trying to interpret exactly what it means, how to ask the best questions, so we can set the business agenda for the day,” says Quick. “We need to tell people what they should be thinking about before the market even opens.” interviewed FBN anchor Jenna Lee. “I love anchoring an international markets show that’s really hard news and a little bit of fun,” she says. “Because I know how it feels to feel completely clueless listening and reading business news. It’s all stuff I had to learn over time. I enjoy the fact that I can make it less intimidating and more applicable to people’s lives.”

She also gives her take on the competition. “With regard to the women personalities on other networks like Bloomberg and CNBC, I’m so thankful that they were there and doing those jobs. Without them I would never have had the opportunities I do.” But: “At the end of the day, you are competing with these people. So that type of friendship doesn’t really happen.”