Back In The U.S. And Freed From Chinese Factory, CEO Makes TV Rounds


By Alex Weprin Comment

Early this week we noted the tale of Chip Starnes, the CEO of an American company being held captive in his factory in China, as workers demanded big payouts for moving some of his production elsewhere. CNN’s “New Day” declared that their interview was an “exclusive,” even though pretty much every other morning show had interviews with him too.

Regardless, Starnes is back in the U.S., and now he is beginning to make the TV rounds to explain what really happened.

CNBC, cleverly, sent a reporter to Newark airport where they caught up with Starnes as he arrived in the U.S., and sat down in what appears to be an airport bar.


NBC’s “Today” appears to have the actual exclusive this morning, with a live interview with Starnes and his family from their home in Florida.


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