Awards Show First: An ‘F’ Bomb During the ‘In Memoriam’

By Chris Ariens Comment

One show that probably won’t win an Emmy: the 2013 Daytime Emmy Awards. The show which honors the best soap operas, talk shows, game shows, cooking shows, court shows, and animated shows aired tonight on HLN. Hosted by “Good Morning America’s” Sam Champion and HLN’s Robin Meade and A.J. Hammer, the show was rife with technical errors, missed cues and an “F” bomb that didn’t get bleeped.

Meade acted as the show’s announcer introducing presenters and reading bios after their win from a podium on stage. Another new twist, daytime hosts like Giada De Laurentiis and Julie Chen interviewed winners on a couch on stage, immediately after their acceptance speech. The idea fell flat as questions didn’t add insight and slowed down the production. At one point De Laurentiis shushed the crowd as a Best Supporting Actress tried to answer. “Okay, you guys. Listen! She’s saying something from the heart here!”

Introducing awards show staple “In Memoriam,” actor Corbin Bernsen paid tribute to his mother Jeanne Cooper who died last month. She’d starred on “Young and the Restless” for 40 years.

“You know exactly what she is saying,” said Bernsen, channelling his mother. “Oh SHIT, I’m on the in memoriam list? And what is up with this ridiculous couch? …There is always the alternative. At least I made the fucking list.”

“The words slipped through the censor due to a glitch,” a spokesperson tells TVNewser. “It will be bleeped in re-airs.”

But there aren’t enough bleeps or edits to fix the gaffes in this broadcast.

Wayne Brady forget to pause so a video honoring Monty Hall could be played; Meade’s mic was left on at one point as the show went to break: “Can you guys hear me? You can? You can hear me?;” on my cable system, Time Warner Cable in Manhattan, the HD version of the entire show aired with “lip flap” where the audio feed did not match the video feed. HLN assured us the feed was leaving the broadcast facility in Beverly Hills in sync.

As for the winners, you can see the entire list here. In the morning news category, venerable “CBS Sunday Morning” beat out “Today” and “Good Morning America.” Best original song went to “Good Afternoon” for “Good Afternoon America,” the summer outing produced by the “Good Morning America” team. Meade also provided the night’s entertainment singing the Original Song nominees.

Ricki Lake won for best talk show host. Her show was canceled in February before finishing its first season. “Cash Cab’s” Ben Bailey won for best game show host. That show too, has been dropped. If the Daytime Emmys Awards show was on more than once a year, there’s a good chance it would be canceled too.