Another RT Journalist Quits: ‘Every Single Day We’re Lying and Finding Sexier Ways to Do It’

By Jordan Chariton Comment

She might not have quit on-air like her former colleague, but London-based RT correspondent Sara Firth made waves this morning announcing her resignation on Twitter.

In additional tweets, she explained why she thinks RT journalists trying to report the truth are stifled.

Firth, who joined RT in 2009, told BuzzFeed’s Jim Watson that seeing the way her network covered yesterday’s Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 downing was her breaking point.

“It was the total disregard to the facts. We threw up eyewitness accounts from someone on the ground openly accusing the Ukrainian government [of involvement in the disaster], and a correspondent in the studio pulled up a plane crash before that the Ukrainian government had been involved in and said it was ‘worth mentioning’. It’s not worth mentioning. It’s Russia Today all over, it’s flirting with that border of overtly lying. You’re not telling a lie, you’re just bringing something up. I didn’t want to watch a story like that, where people have lost loved ones and we’re handling it like that. “I couldn’t do it any more. Every single day we’re lying and finding sexier ways to do it.”

>>Update: RT’s press twitter account responded to Firth’s resignation, issuing this press release.

>>Update: Christiane Amanpour will interview Firth live on CNN International at 2pmET.