Anderson Cooper Doesn’t Seem To Be Having Trouble Pulling Double Duty Yet

By Alex Weprin Comment

As we noted earlier this week, CNN anchor Anderson Cooper is revamping his daytime talk show, including taking it live every day. That does not mean his CNN will be getting any short shrift however. “AC360” still airs live every night at 8 PM, and last month was CNN’s number one show in the key advertising demo of adults 25-54.

Now, we are getting a little taste of Cooper’s juggling abilities even before his talk show returns. Tonight Cooper will interview Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.), to talk the situation in Syria, and President Obama’s authorization to assist the rebels there. Tomorrow the show will interview Jason Puracal, and American currently imprisoned in Nicaragua on charges that he says are specious.

And even with having to prepare for the hard news interviews, Cooper has still found time to join photo-sharing social network Instagram, which will play a big part in the talk show. How will he hold up when he has to go live in the morning and the evening? We will find out come September.