Anderson Cooper Back In The Field: ‘AC360’ To Originate From Turkey/Syria Border

By Alex Weprin Comment

CNN’s Anderson Cooper is widely regarded as being one of the best anchors in the field, but he hasn’t hosted his eponymous program from outside the country in quite some time. Tonight, he will have a return to form. Cooper will anchor “AC360” from the Turkey/Syria border tonight.

Joining Cooper will be CNN correspondent Ivan Watson, Stanford University’s Fouad Ajami and guest U.S. Senator John McCain.

Cooper used to travel across the country–and even the world–with some regularity whenever news broke. Over the last year or so, Cooper has mostly based his show out of CNN’s New York studios, with less travel than he had done previously. That was likely due in part to his successful  syndicated show, “Anderson,” which added to his workload, and would presumably somewhat hinder his ability to travel due to scheduling conerns.

Next season “Anderson” is moving to a new studio in the CBS Broadcast Center, which is expected to provide more flexibility in terms of scheduling than the current location, potentially allowing Cooper to work from the field more often.