After Making TV Rounds, Carlos Watson Settles in at MSNBC, For Now

By Chris Ariens Comment

CWatson_12.1.jpgThe NYDaily News talks with Carlos Watson, who has been anchoring on MSNBC lately.

For the past few years, Watson has appeared as an analyst/pundit/host on Fox News, CNN and CNBC. And, at 39, TV is his third career. “I first spent time in politics, managing campaigns. Then, after a brief stint in grad school, I went into the business world. First, for a big company. Then I started my own company,” he tells the Daily News.

As for his anchor-prep, no source is off limits. “[F]or this new generation, I like to call it the Obama generation, I think that everything is fair game, from The New York Times to Perez Hilton. You can’t really serve the Obama generation if you’re Johnny One-Note, you’ve got to be able to flow from ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ to ‘Countdown With Keith Olbermann’ to ‘Entourage.'”

Watson has been anchoring alongside Contessa Brewer during dayside hours. “There’s a whole wave of young anchors now,” Watson says. “A friend of mine joked, calling it the A.R.C. of anchors. There’s Anderson [Cooper], there’s Rachel [Maddow] and there’s Carlos. I don’t know if I’ve earned that yet, but I think it’s impressive what those two have accomplished.”