After Imus Presses, Melissa Francis Reveals Part of the Conclusion of Her Memoir

By Chris Ariens Comment

FBN anchor Melissa Francis is on her book tour for “Diary of a Stage Mother’s Daughter” in which she describes a troubling upbringing as a child actor at the hands of a domineering, success-at-all-costs mother. Imus rightly pressed Francis about where her mother and sister, also a child actor, are now.

Francis kept trying to persuade Imus to read the book telling him it ends in a “shocking and explosive way.” Still, Imus pressed on. So Francis told him (after the jump, spoiler alert) what happened to her sister.

Imus: Either answer the questions, Francis or we’re going to water-board you.
Francis: She passed away.
Imus: Oh, son after bitch, this is horrible.
Francis: It’s not horrible, you come out the other end and–
Imus: I’d rather go to a Taylor Swift concert than read this.
Francis: It’s a good and entertaining book

After a commercial break (not in the clip below), Imus read, verbatim, the opening two pages of the book and agreed that it was too good to put down. “Everybody who reads it says they read it in 24 hours,” Francis says.