About that Julie Chen Show … And What About Amanda Holden?

By Chris Ariens Comment

Chen_4.22.jpgMore angles are emerging on Julie Chen’s future with CBS.

Insiders tell us, if the pilot she is taping for CBS Daytime next month becomes a series, it may only be a half-hour. CBS’s cancellation of “As The World Turns” in September will leave an hour to fill on the daytime schedule. CBS is thinking of giving back a half hour to affiliates and the other half might be filled by the Chen show.

The LATimes is also reporting that Chen plans to return to “The Early Show” in mid-May, anchoring for a time out of the New York studio. Chen is then expected to return to Los Angeles in the summer to tape the reality show “Big Brother,” but will continue hosting “The Early Show” from there.

Meanwhile, CBS News is shooting down this story that claims “Britain’s Got Talent” host Amanda Holden, “has landed a job as the main female anchor on The Early Show. She will cover for the current host Maggie Rodriguez, who is due to take maternity leave in the summer,” claimed DigitalSpy.

A CBS News spokesperson tells TVNewser there are “no talks at all” between Holden and CBS News.