‘ABC World News’ Looks Back At 2010… Using Disney Shareholder Steve Jobs’ Latest Creation

By Alex Weprin Comment

Tonight “ABC World News with Diane Sawyer” is running a 2010 retrospective, looking back at the biggest stories of the year:

These types of stories lend themselves well to flashy graphics, and ABC is no exception. David Muir will be presenting the report standing in a sea of Apple iPads, with each showing video from a different story, as seen above.

While it is undeniable that the iPad was a breathrough invention this year (ABC News’ impressive iPad app demonstrates why), it is also a nice bit of unintentional corporate synergy at work.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs and Disney have a tight relationship, with Jobs sitting on Disney’s board of directors. After the media company bought Pixar, the animation studio he founded, Jobs became the single largest individual shareholder in Disney.

No doubt he would be pleased with his iPad getting some free PR in front of the seven or eight million viewers that tune into “World News.” Though it isn’t like the iPad is lacking for positive press.

Check out a preview of tonight’s report, below.