7 Amusing Last-Minute TV News Christmas Gifts

By kevin Comment

giftscnn_12-22.jpg The “Atlanta Bling Tee” from CNN allows you to tell your friends, “I love to hit the club,” and also: “I really enjoy CNN dayside programming!”

$29.99 from the CNN store (available in “missy sizes”)

giftsoreilly_12-22.jpg Ok, regardless of your political views, there is at least one person in your extended family whose facial expression would make it worth having this Bill O’Reilly doormat on your porch before Christmas dinner.

$39.95 from BillOReilly.com

giftsmsnbc_12-22.jpg Yes, NBC is selling a Keith Olbermann likeness with a comical oversized head. Enjoy.

$22.00 from the NBC Universal store.

giftsfnc_12-22.jpg From the product description: “Once upon a time the best way to deliver a message was by pony express. While that may work for CNN, delivering FOX News live to 80 million homes across the USA takes the latest in technology depicted on the ‘FOX News Live’ tie.” ZING!

$24.95 from the Fox News shop


Say “no” to rain, but “yes” to uninterrupted live footage of the U.S. House of Representatives.

$29.99 from the C-SPAN Store.

giftshln_12-22.jpg This “Morning Express with Robin Meade” terry velour robe screams “Morning,” though perhaps not “Express.” Maybe that’s why it’s been discontinued.


giftscnbc_12-22.jpg These “Mad Money” squeezies are for people who need something to squeeze while under high stress and watching financial television…which means they would probably have made a better gift last Christmas.

$18.00 at the CNBC store