5 Questions For… Joe Scarborough

By Alissa Krinsky Comment

Alissa Krinsky
TVNewser Contributor

J Scarborough.jpg Joe Scarborough, of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, joined the network in 2003 as host of Scarborough Country. Previously, he was publisher and editor of The Florida Sun newspaper, and, from 1994-2001, served in Congress as a Florida Republican. Scarborough is also an attorney, and remains a partner at the Pensacola law firm Beggs & Lane. He is married with three children.

1. TVNewser: Making the transition from nighttime television to mornings has been…
Scarborough: Tough as hell. The 3:45 am wakeup calls come at you every morning like a giant wave that keeps knocking you down. I think the same thing every morning: “This is the last time I will get up at this ungodly hour.” My sleep patterns are further compromised by the fact that reruns of (MTV’s) A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila don’t air until 11 pm.

Once I finally wake up and start the show, the format allows me to talk about news in ways few are allowed to do on TV. Unlike other television shows at any hour, we let interviews breathe and as a result, the discussions are far more in depth. The result: I am able to show a completely different side of the presidential candidates and important political players.

2. TVNewser: I believe MSNBC picked me to be the network’s new morning program host because…
Scarborough: Nobody else wanted the job.

3. TVNewser: My background as a Congressman and attorney helped shape my broadcasting skills…
Scarborough: My background as a congressman and as attorney are primary to my broadcasting skills. I know what a candidate goes through on the campaign trail because I have been there — through the good, the bad and the ugly. I see from the inside a politician’s message and motives. I also can smell ‘spin’ a mile a way.

4. TVNewser: Having a son with Asperger’s Disorder (part of the Autistic Spectrum) has changed me…
Scarborough: By making me realize that God blesses all of us in different ways. It has also made me a less driven and more patient father.

5. TVNewser: Despite being on television and having served in Congress, I’m still a ‘Regular Joe’ because…
Scarborough: I allow my yacht captains and airplane pilots to bring their children on set once a year around Christmas. There are boundaries though. They still are not allowed to make eye contact, because I don’t want to do anything to encourage extended conversations with the help.