2005: Remembering Peter

By Brian 

For the television news community in 2005, fewer stories were bigger or sadder than the death of Peter Jennings.

“Peter was a true anchor in every sense of the word.”

> Sept. 27: Jennings’ family says thanks

> Sept. 20: A veritable who’s who of television news gathers at Carnegie Hall for Jennings’ memorial service

> Sept. 20: “There is no way to express how much I miss him,” son Christopher says. “Each day is, above all else, a day without him”

> Sept. 20: Charles Glass: “He lived his life, his adult life, as the voice and the face of a television network, but more importantly, he was its conscience”

> Sept. 20: “Peter was in many ways a conductor,” Tom Nagorski says

> Aug. 26: Many in the WNT newsroom are wearing light blue wristbands that ask “What Would Peter Do?”

> Aug. 14: A summary of TVNewser’s coverage

> Aug. 12: “Journalism lost a champion”

> Aug. 11: “He really thought he was going to beat this,” ex-wife Kati Marton says

> Aug. 10: ABC broadcasts a profoundly moving tribute to Jennings

> Aug. 9: Awareness about the dangers of smoking was “the most important message he could ever pass on”

“Peter died with his family around him, without pain and in peace. He knew he had lived a good life”

> Aug. 9: “I don’t think [he] believed how much he was loved until this happened,” Dr. Timothy Johnson recalls

> Aug. 9: ABC News tried to avoid preparing an advance obituary

> Aug. 9: Aaron Brown says: For a thousand reasons, his death came too soon”

> Aug. 8: Charles Gibson: “It is with a profound sadness and true sorrow that I report to you Peter Jennings has died, tonight, of lung cancer”

> Aug. 8: His battle with cancer was “an inspiration for millions,” Michael Eisner and Robert Iger say

> Aug. 8: “We are losing exactly the best of our craft at the worst possible time,” Jeff Greenfield says

> Aug. 8: ABC pays tribute on GMA, WNT, Nightline and radio

> Aug. 8: A life in photos

> Aug. 6: Please pray for Peter Jennings

> July 30: Staffers and viewers wish Jennings a happy birthday

> July 18: Jennings is “very involved” with WNT

> July 3: Jennings “has shown great strength and grace, but he’s battling a very, very difficult disease,” Westin says

“I will continue to do the broadcast on good days. My voice will not always be like this”

> Apr. 27: Jennings is shaping WNT “behind the scenes;” Jon Banner would not discuss his condition

> Apr. 13: Jennings begins chemotherapy treatments; the bracelets come out

> Apr. 5: Peter Je
nnings is diagnosed with lung cancer; He tells viewers; The outlook is grim

> Apr. 2: Jennings is MIA during coverage of the Pope’s death; He “hasn’t been feeling well,” a spokesperson says

> Feb. 24: Jennings’ final documentary, called “UFOs — Seeing is Believing,” airs on ABC

> Jan. 3: Peter Jennings can’t travel to the tsunami zone because of an “upper respiratory infection”