Zombie feeding-frenzy cuts immediately to KFC commercial, social TV reacts

By Natan Edelsburg 

On this week’s social TV commercials chart from Bluefin Labs KFC rose to the top at the number four spot (a 416% week over week change). KFC saw its largest rise in buzz during the November 25th airing of The Walking Dead when its commercial aired right after an intense Zombie feeding. Here are the full details on this week’s most social TV commercials, provided exclusively to Lost Remote.
According to AMC’s Story Sync poll (note: there are spoilers there) for The Walking Dead a Zombie feeding scene that was deemed “total bloodbath” was following directly by a KFC commercial. Here’s the clip from YouTube (while this doesn’t ruin any plot lines, note this does show a scene from season 3, episode 7).

As Bluefin’s analysis points out below, this wasn’t particularly appetizing to many social TV viewers. Pepsi continues to own the number spot. Macy’s, Target, Walmart and Kmart also did well with the help of Black Friday.

  • We measured Tweets about commercials from November 22-28. The infographic displays the brands with the most talked-about commercials during this week.
  • The top 3 most Tweeted-about brands were Pepsi (9.6K), Target (7.3K), and Macy’s (5.2K) 
  • Once again, Pepsi has retained the number 1 spot for the most Tweeted-about TV commercial. Versions of this ad have been running on national TV since October 10 – a total of about 400 airings. What’s interesting is that this number of airings isn’t particularly high. Compare that to Target, which had over 1200 airings just in the past week, and yet Pepsi still had more buzz.
  • Macy’s popped into the top 3 this week, with just over 5,000 Tweets about their 28 creatives, which aired over 1,500 times since November 22. That’s a lot of creatives and ad airings, but the strategy isn’t surprising since Black Friday was last week, and many retailers were advertising their deals via TV commercials.
  • Speaking of Black Friday, Walmart and Kmart also made the top ten list this week, due to their commercials advertising big Friday savings. Walmart aired 33 ads an incredible 5,085 times last week, while Kmart had 11 spots that aired a total of808 times. Despite the difference in number of ad airings, viewers Tweeted about Walmart commercials only slightly more than Kmart.
  • KFC saw a big increase in Twitter buzz over their commercials this week – 416%. The largest spike in conversation occurred on Sunday, November 25  during an episode of The Walking Dead. According to social TV, a zombie feeding-frenzy scene on the show cut immediately to a commercial for KFC chicken – Something that wasn’t particularly appetizing to a lot of viewers!

Source: Bluefin Labs

The Top 10 Social TV Commercials Chart, powered by Bluefin Labs, ranks brands according to how many Tweets their TV commercials received during one week. The “Week-Over-Week % Change” compares the amount of Tweets from the previous week to the current week listed in the chart. The “# of Earned Impressions” refers to the sum of potential impressions made by Tweets about the brand’s commercials: if someone with 100 followers sends 1 Tweet, then it is counted as making 100 potential impressions.