You Can Watch ESPN and Comedy Central on Spotify Now

By Karen Fratti 

Spotify announced a lot of things today, namely, as one Mashable editor put it in a tweet “to be the go to on the go platform for anything non-print.”

That’s a tall order. But one step in that direction (aside from suggesting tunes according to how fast you are running), is that they’ve launched videos from ESPN, Comedy Central, Vice, and more. Starting this week in the U.S., U.K., Germany and Sweden, you can get a little Broad City mixed in with your Foo Fighters. Not a bad feature. While they face many competitors, namely YouTube, or anyone offers clips, it’s a good place to start. New research suggests that younger demographics are much more likely to try out a new show or movie if they’ve seen a promo. A quick clip of a show or a trailer for a movie will be right at home on the music platform. As long as they turn out to be less like ads, and more like content you actually want to watch during your commute.