X-Factor social numbers prove its deeply engaged audience

By Natan Edelsburg 

X-Factor304x200Simon Cowell is hard to beat.  The finalized social media numbers from Nielsen’s Twitter TV Ratings show that the October 29 episode of X Factor –the first live episode of this season – not only generated four times as many tweets as The Voice, but it actually topped X-Factor’s premiere episode from last season in terms of the total number of tweets. 

While last season’s premiere resulted in more unique people tweeting about the show compared to last week’s telecast [127k vs. 94k], last week’s episode had 3.96 tweets per unique user. Last season’s premiere only had 2.8 tweets per unique user.


More interesting Twitter statistics from last week’s episode:

-Every hashtag used during the new “Be The Fifth Judge” Twitter integration trended at some point during the broadcast. Seven trended before the show even started.

-The highest peak in conversation came during Alex and Sierra’s performance of “Blurred Lines” with 12,554 tweets per minute. The second highest was when Paulina sent Josh Levi home and that netted 12,084 tweets.

-The episode has had a total of 34 U.S. Twitter trends and 30 worldwide Twitter trends as well as trending on both East/West coast editions.