With Almost 200 TV Channel Options, the Average Viewer Only Tunes Into…

By Jordan Chariton 

As the number of TV channels available to the average home has risen to a record 189, the actual number of channels consumers tune into remains consistently low.

According to an upcoming Nielsen advertising report set to be released Thursday, the average TV viewer consistently tunes into 17 channels, even while having close to 200 options. The 189 channel number is up 60 from 2008, when the average home received 129.


As you can see, the average number of channels viewers have tuned into has stayed sharply consistent over the last six years. The lack of increase in number of TV channels viewers tune into as their options increase lends weight to increasing second screen options serving as an alternative for the TV viewer.

From Netflix, to Smart TV’s, to turning to Twitter or Facebook during your favorite TV show’s commercial break instead of another channel, the rise of second screen and social media might be playing a big part in keeping the average TV channel tune-in number low.

“Programs like Netflix and Hulu along with social media being utilized as part of the TV watching experience will continue to result in the average TV channel tune-in number to be low,” social media manager at Prime Visibility, David Neuman tells Lost Remote.

“In the past, when people were bored, they might flip through the TV guide and see what’s on television, but with programs like Netflix, you have a library of thousands of different movies and TV shows that you can access on demand. Why would I see “what’s on TV” and catch a TV episode or movie in the middle of the program when I can search for what I’m in the mood to watch and start it from the beginning?”