Why a physical TV set will disappear from our living rooms

By Natan Edelsburg 

Lost Remote, the name of this blog, is a constant reminder of the evolution of TV and technology. Your smartphone, iPad, laptop and web browser are as much of a remote as the clunky rectangular piece of plastic that you always seem to lose. What will we be losing next as the living room changes? Right now, thinner TVs are replacing thicker ones, apps might replace channels (or become one in the same) but the next innovation that might actually redefine the word “TV” could be a result of fascinating innovations in nano technology. We spoke to Professor Nir Tessler, the head of the nanotech department at Israel’s elite Technion University.

Tessler described one of his passions in the field – digital printing – a technology that was invented in Israel in April. He explained how it’s now possible to turn electronics into something that resembles ink so we will have the ability to do things like print memory, like you would print a piece of paper. When we asked how this would affect the television business he described how companies like Samsung and Phillips are already working on  technology that would essentially let you paint your wall with a TV.

Imagine what your living room would become. Smart TVs will one day be thought of as ancient as a rotary phone. You won’t need to mount a TV anywhere, or even setup a projector (which is how I currently paint my wall with TV, analog style). The first and second screen will actually be undistinguishable. In fact, there won’t really be any screens at all.