Who drives the social TV conversation around ‘Homeland’ and ‘The Walking Dead’?

By Natan Edelsburg 

Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 4.03.44 PMWe’re excited to present the first post in a new series Lost Remote is launching exclusively with Topsy to bring you deeper insights into social TV’s biggest night of the week. Topsy, a leader in social analytics that analyzes “billions of conversations in real-time” will be providing us with insights into the movers and shakers on social for some of Sunday night TV’s biggest shows. For this week, we’re taking a dive into Sunday night (November 11th) highly watched episodes of Homeland and The Walking Dead (be careful for spoilers). Social TV analytics have evolved tremendously over the past year with Bluefin Labs and Trendrr being scooped up by Twitter and SocialGuide by Nielsen. What’s often more interesting than “how many tweets this show received” is understanding who drove the conversation and who the influencers were. As you can see from this week’s analysis, the driver’s of traditional TV chatter are often newer YouTube celebrities like Ray William Johnson a top influencer for both The Walking Dead and Homeland, two shows that actually air at the same time (9pm EST) on linear. Here’s analysis from Topsy followed by graphics from their platform.

Sunday Night Television Data

  • Time: Last 24 Hours (12:30pm ET on 11/10 to 12:30pm ET on 11/11)
  • Influencers: Sorted by Influence

At a glance:

  • The influencers for each show are sorted by “Influence,” using a proprietary formula that establishes which individuals who are tweeting about the show have the most influence with their tweets.
  • For Homeland’s Influencers this week, real news about national security snuck in to the top tweets, as “homeland” had real-world meaning.
  • A top tweeter this week for The Walking Dead and Homeland was Ray William Johnson, a video blogger turned actor and producer, revealing the power of his reach, particularly as he signed a deal with FX this year.
  • Another top tweeter this week for the Walking Dead was Mark Hoppus, who some may know as the former bassist and vocalist for Blink-182.

Homeland influencers:

Homeland - Influencers

The Walking Dead influencers:

TheWalkingDead - Influencers

About Topsy:

This data was provided by Topsy the day following the air date of these shows. Topsy is the premier social analytics platform for real-time marketing and discovery.  By giving customers the power to explore any question or topic using real-time public social data, Topsy helps brands, companies and governments unearth unexpected insights and answers critical questions.