Twitter Comes Through for Miss Universe Pageant

By Karen Fratti Comment

Live television lends itself to mistakes. Like blackouts during the Superbowl or catfights between pop stars. But Steve Harvey announcing the wrong Miss Universe during last night’s pageant might take the win. There were 1,588,021 tweets, according to Nielsen Social and 522,898 reactions about the pageant last night according to Canvs.

According to Canvs’ real time data, reactions spiked exponentially right around 10 p.m. when Harvey announced the winner, and then jumped even more as he corrected his mistake. Between 10 p.m. and 10:05 p.m. there were just over 38,825 reactions, namely about how “crazy” and “awkward” the moment was.

While both contestants were as gracious as could be, and no one wants to poke fun, Twitter has been doing just that all morning. It’s a rough one for everyone.

Remember, just when you think it’s bad, it can always get worse.