Turner Broadcasting reveals startups for third Media Camp

By Natan Edelsburg 

Media Camp Light BackWe’ve been covering Turner’s Media Camp since its inception back in 2012. The incubator is extremely unique in its huge investment in social TV. Social TV startups including SocialSamba have come out of this accelerator program based in San Francisco. Today, Media Camp is announcing their new class of startups that hope to disrupt the media world. In a social TV ecosystem that currently seems to be thin on startup innovation it’s great to see that entrepreneurs aren’t giving up at trying to improve TV.

“We’re thrilled at the opportunity to work with these five talented startups and see how we can integrate their technologies into our various brand properties,” said Balaji Gopinath, VP of Emerging Technology for Turner Broadcasting in the announcement. “Being the first industry accelerator for media and launching into our third year lends Media Camp the experience and ability to get traction for these companies in a way that no other accelerator can offer.” Here are the companies:

AdTonik (http://www.adtonik.com | @adtonik):

AdTonik, a leading TV Audience Extension platform for mobile, helps TV advertisers and TV networks to reach mobile users in the context of the TV they watch.

Contextly (http://www.contextly.com | @contextly):

Contextly helps publishers thrive in the age of drive-by readers with content recommendations that build a loyal and engaged audience. Combining editorial curation with machine learning, Contextly helps readers dive deeply and explore widely.

Flawk (http://www.flawk.to/ | @flawkto):

Flawk.to creates a truly unique engagement experience, coordinating a brand’s online following in real-time with synchronized media, fan-curated topics, and one-on-one interaction.

Locket (http://www.getlocket.com | @getlocket):

Locket is an Android lock screen app company that brings stuff you care about to your lock screen based on your interests, swiping habits, and time of the day.

Watchup (http://www.watchup.com | @watchup):

Watchup reinvents the way we watch the news with a personalized, adaptive newscast experience. Watchup is available on iPad app, where it is featured by Apple, Android tablets and Google Glass.