truTV’s Impractical Jokers take fan interaction to a new level with app that lets fans call them

By Natan Edelsburg 

truTV’s Impractical Jokers are at Comic-Con this year as they get ready for their new season of pranks and the launch of a limited edition Comic-Book. Three of the four Staten-Island born comedians,  Q, Joe and Murr hosted a breakfast for press this morning where they discussed how great an experience it has been growing their show with truTV and how important social media and fans are to their job. We learned about the Impractical Jokers app and which platforms the guys like using the most.

The Jokers not only love using social and respond to every comment they see but they even allowed the network to build a beautiful app that lets you call them directly (they each carry a second phone around with them). There have already been nearly a million calls received via the app and when their second phones are off, fans still get a hilarious voice message. Joker James Murray (Murr) told us about his love of the app.

I think we are the most socially active out of any show. Here’s why. We’re all on Twitter and answer all of our individual tweets. You can tweet me @jamessmurray or any of us individually. We’re all on Vine….It’s part of the job. We do chats online, live chats where we interact with fans..after the season premiere we’ll have an hour long webcast where fans can video chat in with us…The coolest thing is that we have an Impractical Jokers app. I’m about to blow your mind. This is my regular phone, this is my fan phone. A fan and tap the hotline on the Impractical Jokers app and call us…this phone rings and I pick up and say hi to you and thank you for watching the TV show. Have you ever heard of a TV how where you can call people up directly? First type is people who scream, get too freaked out and hang up, or are like “Murr” I’m watching truTV and I’m stoned…

We also shot Vines of Murr and Joe to tease us on the new season.