Trends among the 700,000 Golden Globe tweets

By Natan Edelsburg Comment

One the leading social TV data companies, Networked Insights analyzed the conversations from the Golden Globes last night. Besides the winners being announced, 48% of the conversations were about the red carpet. They also provided us with an extremely interesting analysis, which will help answer our question about Gervais’ power on the Globes.

He barely tweeted during the show, even though he promised his followers he would. His opening monologue was only 4% of the conversation, which is probably because it was too hyped up and he ended on the same Johnny Depp joke that he killed with last year. 32% of the chatter even showed that fans were upset at his lack of appearance during the run-of-show.

Twitter said the event peaked at 6,162 tweets-per-second — when “Downton Abbey” won the award for best mini-series — outpacing last year’s Super Bowl and the royal wedding. The next most popular moment was when Tina Fey “photobombed” Amy Poehler (above.) As you might imagine, the awards show was the big social TV moment of the night according to Lost Remote’s social charts, and ratings were flat compared to last year.

Networked Insights, which recently raised $20 million in funding, also provided some really interesting data about brands that were talked about the most during the show. It seems that none of the brands that advertised during during the broadcast made an imprint in the chatter.

Networked Insights CEO Dan Neely told Lost Remote that “brands interested in advertising on events like the Golden Globes are interested in ensuring their ads are not skipped in DVR viewing and capture a broad audience to enhance their reach.” He added that he recommends his clients to “best understand the media their target consumer is engaging through real-time data and then make your investments based upon what enables you to achieve your marketing objective most efficiently.” It doesn’t necessarily mean buying TV ads was bad for Cadillac, L’Oreal and the other linear sponsors, but they should definitely be asking themselves where their targets’ eyeballs really are during the show and what the long-term implications are.

Top 5 brands:
1. Prada – 42% (Zooey Deschanel’s dress represented 20% of the overall Prada-related
2. Dior – 22% (Charlize Theron contributed the largest share of the discussion at 34%, but Milla
Kunis was close at 29%)
3. Gucci – 15% (Jessica Alba [23%] and Selma Hayek [36%] contributed the largest shares to the
overall brand conversation)
4. Vera Wang – 4% (Sofia Vergara was discussed 55% of Vera Wang’s brand conversations while
Naya Rivera was only discussed 36% of the time)
5. Marchesa – 3% (Lea Michele’s outfit represented 62% of the overall brand conversation)