TiVo Research: Binge-Watching No Longer the Exception. It’s the Rule.

By Adam Flomenbaum 

Tivo-logo-widescreenTivo’s Research and Analytics arm this week released some interesting results from its ‘Spring 2014 Binge-Viewing Survey.’

91% of the 15,196 respondents said that binge-viewing is a common viewing behavior. Perhaps surprisingly, 29% of respondents actually put off watching shows so that they can bing-watch an entire season at once.

With thousands of channels and the proliferation of original programing it is becoming more difficult for a viewer to watch every show that they are interested in. But thanks to the control over cable, broadcast and OTT content afforded by TiVo, and to the proliferation of streaming services like Netflix,” said TiVo Chief Research Officer Jonathan Steuer, “binge-viewing has rapidly become common practice.”

The rise of binge-viewing becoming goes hand-in-hand with the “acceptability” of the practice. When respondents were asked about the term “binging,” only one-third felt that the term had negative connotations; in April 2013, over half (53 percent) of those surveyed considered it a negative term.


Here are some more interesting findings from TiVo’s study:

– 40 percent of respondents had binged within a week of the survey.

– 69 percent had binged within a month of the survey.

– When asked to choose which of the popular programs they had ever binged-viewed, 35 percent of respondents selected “Breaking Bad,” which TiVo Research also reported as the most-binged show in January, and 29 percent mentioned House of Cards.

– Over half (52 percent) cited TiVo as the most common source of the episodes of programs binged; Netflix placed second at 29 percent.

– 46 percent cited Netflix as the most common source for binge-viewing an entire season (or more) with TiVo coming in second at 19 percent.

– Another 46 percent stated TiVo is the most common device they utilize to binge view an entire season (or more).