The TCA’s help CBS’s ‘The Crazy Ones’ build positive buzz on social

By Natan Edelsburg 

Shortly after Comic-Con, the summer Television Critics Association (TCA) presentations begin, another big opportunity for TV to show off their upcoming programming. In this week’s analysis with Crimson Hexagon we look at how CBS’s “The Crazy Ones,” the highly anticipated Robin Williams, Sarah Michelle Gellar sitcom meets Mad Men, coming this fall. Here’s the analysis.

It appears as if the show’s presence at TCA was a smart move. The all-star cast combined with an early look at the show gave fans on social the right amount of content to get excited in a positive way. Here’s Crimson’s analysis and an infographic.

  • On the days following the appearance of “The Crazy Ones” at the TCA press tour, only around 6% of the conversation about the show was negative.
  • Enthusiasm for the cast of “The Crazy Ones” grew to 73% this week, as users tweeted about their excitement over the actors’ returns to television and shared quotes from the TCA panel. To compare, enthusiasm about the actors accounts for 29% of tweets across the whole summer.
  • Conversation about “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” picked up again this week after Joss Whedon revealed new details about the show at the TCA press panel.
  • Negative conversation grew for “Super Fun Night,” as some users tweeted that they found the TCA panel to be funnier than the previews for the show.
  • Praise of “Sleepy Hollow” rose to 99% this week, with 81% of the discussion about the show’s cast. Praise for “Once Upon a Time in Wonderland” climbed to 97% after the shows’ appearances at the TCAs.