Study Shows That Consumers Want a TV Guide

By Karen Fratti 

smarttvappsDespite all of your talk of digital innovation and changing landscapes of television, it turns out you’re just an old person who wants to know when your program is on. A recent study “Conquering Content” by Hub Entertainment research shows that:

Sixty percent agree they “need a universal listing that lets them find shows across all TV sources”,  vs. only 9% who disagree. Forty eight percent  say they are more likely to choose sources that make discovery of new shows easy, vs. only 9% who aren’t.

Really? We (or I do, for that matter) forget that appointment viewing is still kind of a thing — you have to know when to DVR a show or when to find it on Hulu after it airs. Smart TV manufacturers and content providers take note: give consumers easy, beautiful TV guides and they’ll notice. The study also reports that

Helping out TV marketers are those viewers getting hooked to new shows online. Many will generally follow those shows vs. traditional TV: 61% of viewers — and 72% of younger millennial viewers — have watched a show on live TV after they discovered it online. Netflix and Hulu Plus viewers in particular have pushed this — with 68% and 73% respectively, following shows to traditional TV.

So the second screen doesn’t replace broadcast television and if anything, it might be giving it a boost. You can download the full report here. This particular one was conducted during Novemeber as an annual tracking study of 1250 United States viewers with broadband.