Social TV commercials: AT&T on the decline, CGI animals on the rise before the Super Bowl

By Natan Edelsburg 

If you didn’t know, we have a weekly editorial partnership with Bluefin Labs, who was acquired this week by Twitter in one of social TV’s biggest announcements of the year. Despite having the most tweeted about commercials once again, AT&T saw a 24% decline in chatter compared to last week, as other brands narrowed the gap. It will be interesting to see if AT&T gets back to the #1 spot again, especially with the tendency for brands to run successful Super Bowl commercials months after the big game. On AT&T’s tail this week is Geico, with a popular commercial featuring a CGI pig. Not to be outdone, Kia’s CGI hamsters are back, helping catapult Kia back into the top 10 this week.

Here’s Bluefin Labs’ analysis and chart, provided exclusively for Lost Remote.

  •  We measured Tweets about commercials from January 24-30. The infographic displays the brands with the most talked-about commercials during this week.  
  • The top 3 most Tweeted-about brands were AT&T (7.9K Tweets), Geico (6.4K), and Safe Haven (Movie) (4.6K)
  • Although AT&T was still the brand with the most talked-about commercials on Twitter this week, they saw a 24% decrease in chatter from last week. Perhaps viewers are finally starting to get tired of their “It’s Complicated” spots. 
  • This week, Geico saw a 65% increase in chatter around their TV commercials. Viewers are still enjoying the spots featuring Eddie Money as well as the ones with the pig using the Geico app on his phone. In fact, the term “pig” was used in 27% of the Tweets about Geico commercials. The words “Money” and “Eddie” were used in 23% and 21% of the Tweets, respectively. 
  • A new movie trailer has hit the airwaves and people are reacting – Safe Haven had the third most Tweeted-about commercials. Many viewers are anticipating the movie’s release on Valentine’s Day, and promising to go see it. Other viewers comment about how much they loved Nicholas Sparks’ book, from which the movie was adapted. 
  • Worth noting is that many of the TV trailers included the hashtag #SafeHaven, which could have prompted viewers to jump on Twitter and talk. 10% of Tweets about the trailer contained this hashtag. 
  • The giant hamsters are back, and they helped catapult Kia into the top 10 this week, with 3,775 Tweets about the brand’s commercials. Kia’s ads featuring NBA star Blake Griffin also inspired viewer buzz – “blake” appeared in 24% of the Tweets and “griffin” appeared in 22%.


Source: Bluefin Labs

The Top 10 Social TV Commercials Chart, powered by Bluefin Labs, ranks brands according to how many Tweets their TV commercials received during one week. The “Week-Over-Week % Change” compares the amount of Tweets from the previous week to the current week listed in the chart. The “# of Earned Impressions” refers to the sum of potential impressions made by Tweets about the brand’s commercials: if someone with 100 followers sends 1 Tweet, then it is counted as making 100 potential impressions.