Social TV commercials: AT&T maintains its stronghold, State Farm on the rise

By Natan Edelsburg 

Last week, AT&T shot to the top of Bluefin Labs‘ social TV commercials chart with a 191% gain week-over-week. This week AT&T rose an additional 20% week over week with 13,837 tweets about the “It’s Not Complicated” ad campaign. For comparison, the number two (Geico) and three spots (State Farm) generated 4,876 and 4,016 tweets respectively.

State Farm’s “Born to Assist” ads feature NBA superstar point guard Chris Paul and his “brother” Cliff Paul, State Farm agent. State Farm has successfully utilized NBA players in the past, but “Cliff Paul” has essentially become a meme. The Los Angeles Clippers organization even went as far to hand out large promotional Cliff Paul face signs at games.

Here’s BlueFin Labs’ analysis and chart, provided exclusively for Lost Remote.

  •  We measured Tweets about commercials from January 3-9. The infographic displays the brands with the most talked-about commercials during this week.  
  • The top 3 most Tweeted-about brands were AT&T (13.8K), Geico (4.9K), and State Farm (4K).
  • AT&T has been climbing our chart over the past few weeks, and this week they’re #1 by a long shot. Viewers love their funny “It’s Not Complicated” ads featuring children, especially the one where kids sitting around a small table debate which is better: a big tree house or a small tree house.
  • Geico made the top three this week. Two of their commercials in particular seem to be resonating with the social TV audience: the commercial featuring singer/songwriter Eddie Money in a travel agency, and the ad where flight attendants ask a pig to turn off his phone. 
  • The majority of buzz for Geico happened on Sunday, January 6. The Eddie Money commercial aired during NFL Football on CBS to a social TV audience of 670K people. The image below shows this big spike in conversation around Geico’s commercials on Sunday. The area in maroon is the chatter about Geico in general; the area in blue is the conversation specifically about their TV ads.
  • This week State Farm aired 17 creatives a total of 3.8K times, which resulted in 4,000 Tweets. Their “Born to Assist” ad featuring NBA player Chris Paul was very popular – 17% of the commentary was about this commercial, even though it only aired 23 times this week. 
  • Volkswagen had a big increase in chatter this week compared to last – 687%. Many viewers enjoyed the commercial featuring a father teaching his son to throw a baseball, except the father can’t throw properly either. 33% of the commentary was about this ad, which aired 172 times during the week. 

Source: Bluefin Labs

The Top 10 Social TV Commercials Chart, powered by Bluefin Labs, ranks brands according to how many Tweets their TV commercials received during one week. The “Week-Over-Week % Change” compares the amount of Tweets from the previous week to the current week listed in the chart. The “# of Earned Impressions” refers to the sum of potential impressions made by Tweets about the brand’s commercials: if someone with 100 followers sends 1 Tweet, then it is counted as making 100 potential impressions.