Predictions of the week: Will new romances spring up on The Walking Dead?

By Natan Edelsburg 

daryl2Social TV isn’t only about uncovering volume of activity around a show. Comments across Twitter, Facebook and more can reveal fans’ predictions and hopes at how a scripted season unravels. With the fall lineup well underway, things are starting to heat up across the board in terms of juicy plot twists. The return of The Walking Dead, America’s Next Top Model, and Master Chef already have fans predicting what will play out. In our first installment of an exclusive partnership with Insticator, we take a look at the most popular fan predictions (spoiler alerts).

• The Walking Dead‘s triumphant return in season 4 has fans hopeful for a little romance between Carol and Daryl; 56 percent of users predict they’ll finally get together.

• Fans of Burn Notice are predicting a positive outcome for the show’s final season. 72 percent of viewers say they think the show’s star, Michael, will still be standing when all is said and done.
• On America’s Next Top Model, 65 percent of users are predicting this season’s winner will be male – a first for the show.

• Fans watching The Mindy Project and How I Met Your Mother are all about the love. Popular predictions this week for each show say romance will win out.

• Infidelity is the popular prediction for the CW’s Vampire Diaries – a whopping 84 percent of users say they think Caroline will cheat on Tyler (gasp).

• Viewers are split as to whether or not Fox’s MasterChef Junior and Bravo’s competing Top Chef Junior is leaving audiences with far too many cooks in the kitchen. 52 percent of users say MasterChef Junior‘s early start will give it the upper hand in the genre.