Predictions of the week: Will Bones and Booth get married?


By Natan Edelsburg 

Bones and Booth from

Bones and Booth from

Social TV isn’t only about measuring the volume of buzz surrounding a show. Fans take to Twitter and Facebook to opine not only about what they think about a soon-to-be-realeased show or what they’re seeing during a live airing, but also about what is going to happen next in their favorite scripted TV shows. Even shows in their off-season like Game of Thrones, which doesn’t return to TV for another five months, drives buzz in the form of fan predictions. In our next installment of an exclusive partnership with Insticator, we take a look at the week’s most popular fan predictions (warning: spoiler alerts).

  • On Bones, users are a whopping 95% sure that wedding bells will be ringing soon between the show’s star characters.
  • The Walking Dead‘s plot is starting to thicken with copious amounts of blood. 77% of users are expecting the group of cannibals from the comic to soon make an appearance on the show.
  • Even with the next season of Game of Thrones an excruciating 5 months away, buzz is building around just what kind of role the invasion of the white walkers will play.
  • Fans of Burn Notice are predicting just what sent Agent May into a spiral of despair following events from the last episode.
  • Audiences watching New Girl and Homeland are wondering whether relationships are doomed to fail or flourish. Users on Insticator are split on the latter.