Never.No launches multiscreen social TV ad platform

By Natan Edelsburg 

Social TV graphics experts Never. No continue to expand their business in interesting and innovative ways. In addition to partnering with a new major broadcast graphics company, they’ve made a big platform update giving advertisings a new way to attack multiple screens.

Never.No is now working with broadcast graphics provider Orad (they already support Vizrt) and have announced the launch of their “Multiscreen/Social Ad product” called “Sync“. Zach Weiner, Director of Global Marketing for Never.No was in NYC last week debuting the new product. We interviewed Weiner about the new opportunity they’re providing brands to even interact with TV show content.

LR: Which new graphics partner are you working with? Why is this a big deal?
Zach Weiner: We recently partnered with Orad- It’s important as Orad is growing as a champion for broadcast graphics worldwide. We are enabling Orad to integrate with’s functionality to push/pull/harvest any user generated/social content on-screen. Its a strong partnership on all fronts.

LR: What did you announce today? How does the ad platform work?
Weiner: Today we announced the launch of a first of it’s time Multiscreen/Social Ad product. We call it “Sync” The product goes far above and beyond what is seen in synced second screen advertisements today.

The big reason for this is that most 2nd screen ad placements currently offer a one way value. An Ad is synced to 2nd screen and a user can interact. The engagement ends here.

Ours takes this a step forward by bringing any interaction that can take place on the 2nd screen, right back into the big screen. So users can use their (tablet/mobile/) and respond to an Interactive Ad format (polling/voting/gaming) and have those responses/results get displayed on the big screen during the Ad, or during the programming. This means truly interactive Ad formats across all screens and all screens working cohesively in a two way dialogue. Ads can even be integrated in new ways with the show content. We can also utilize this to create new forms of one-to-one ad based functionalities and transactional advertisements.

LR: What else has been up to recently?
Weiner: Our other most recent endeavors have been to integrate instagram intro our interactivity suite. So we have the ability to push/pull/harvest/use anything found in Instagram during live broadcasts. We are also in the process of doing this for Google+ (Goes live with ABC digital tonight!) We have also given the ability for broadcasters to use word clouds in broadcasts, so that they can search and or display trending topics.