NBC’s ‘Believe’ writing team turns to Twitter to get fans excited

By Natan Edelsburg 

Our analysis on TV that won’t be premiering until the fall and winter with Crimson Hexagon continues. This week we take a look at NBC’s “Believe“. Here’s a look at why social activity for JJ Abrams new show recently skyrocketed. 

Believe won’t premiere until 2014 but the show recently caught our attention. In addition to releasing a trailer. The show, about a girl with supernatural abilities, has gained fan attention in a unique way. The writing team, @BelieveRoom have already taken marketing of the show into their own hands by creating anticipation with #BoKnows. Here’s analysis from Crimson followed by an infographic.

  • Conversation about NBC’s “Believe” skyrocketed on July 21 after a new trailer was released. Last week, fans engaging with promos and ads represented around 82% of the total discussion.
  • On July 17, the showrunner for “Believe”, Mark Friedman, officially departed from the series. The conversation on the following days saw a short spike in support and discussion of the show.
  • The volume of posts for “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” more than doubled after the show’s panel at Comic-Con, where the pilot debuted. The #CoulsonLives hashtag continues to be popular in discussions about the new announcements.
  • Fans of the original “Once Upon a Time” series became more engaged with the spinoff “Once Upon a Time in Wonderland” this past week. The Oncers accounted for 43% of the overall conversation, a share of conversation that was rejuvenated due to the show’s presence at Comic-Con.
  •  “The Tomorrow People” and “Sleepy Hollow”, which were also present at Comic-Con, saw an increase in conversation. Shows that were absent at the event, including “Super Fun Night,” “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” and “Rake,” saw a volume drop.