iSpot Launches Ad Tracking for TV Sets

By Karen Fratti Comment

ispotiSpot announced today that they’ve developed technology to expand their measurement of TV ad performance across IP-enabled screens. Starting with 10 million households, they are the first to be able to verify plays on TV screens in real-time.

They can track ads across TV screens using the same sort of methodology as tracking digital ads. They’ll measure impressions and view rates based on Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) standard and takes into account channel surfing, fast-forwarding, and other viewing behaviors. founder and CEO Sean Muller said in a statement that this is all about moving with the industry:

TV is changing rapidly and the traditional ways of measuring TV advertising simply do not cut it.  Brands are becoming more sophisticated in their assessment and optimization of media buys and iSpot’s real-time, holistic measurement for TV ads is at the center of that.

iSpot is now able to identify a TV ad impression regardless of the service provider or platform the viewer is using. Their new measurement includes inventories from national networks, local affiliates and OTT providers. They’ll be looking at ad views on live and time-shifted television, as well. The proprietary technology is embedded into the TV itself and tags every ad using a pixel, or automatic content recognition tech, to figure out what people are watching.