Infographic: The Overwhelmingly Positive Reaction to #SNL40 on Twitter

By Adam Flomenbaum Comment

While we’ve covered ‘SNL 40’ ad nauseam, it’s worth one last look in the context of the conversation it sparked on Twitter – especially since it broke two Nielsen Twitter TV Ratings records.

According to our analytics partners Canvs – the first completely syndicated qualitative social TV platform – 411,031 of 1.32 million tweets (Nielsen Social) about the show were emotional reactions. 44% of the emotional reactions included the word “love” and 12% included “hate.” The show drove the most reaction during, of course, Kanye West’s performance.

Below, additional analysis from Sheila Seles, Product Services and Marketing Lead at Canvs, followed by an infographic:

In the graphic we chose to focus on the positive by analyzing the night’s funniest sketches, so here’s the scoop on the less popular moments. People really hated Kanye: nearly 30% of reactions about him expressed hate, and another 20% said he was crazy. Though fans were excited for Eddie Murphy’s return, his short, awkward appearance left Twitter cold. Murphy was the second most-hated person after Kanye. Taylor Swift rounded out the top three, amassing nearly 1,800 hate reactions with people using words like “sucked,” “awful,” and “terrible” to describe her performance.