How Did Brands Do Post Super Bowl? It’s Not What You’d Expect

By Karen Fratti Comment

heinz_on_set_still_2Sometimes the events and brands that catch viewers’ attention during the Super Bowl aren’t what sticks with them the next day. Amobee Brand Intelligence was monitoring on Monday to see how the brands held up 24 hours after the game.

On Monday, Budweiser was still the brand with the most Super Bowl Ad related digital content engagement with Bud Light generating 80 percent as much Super Bowl Ad related digital content engagement. Budweiser didn’t connect with their paid Super Bowl ads with the same level of success that they had the last two years, but Peyton Manning’s repeated mention of the brand in his post-game standups had viewers wondering whether it was a plug or not. Of course it was.

Hyundai was still driving digital engagement on Monday with 77 percent as much Super Bowl ad related digital content engagement as Budweiser. Mountain Dew had 65 percent as much Super Bowl Ad related digital content engagement as Budweiser and Taco Bell had 63 percent as much Super Bowl Ad related digital content engagement as Budweiser.


Amobee thinks that “2016 may be remembered as the year the big reveal Super Bowl ad strategy officially died,” according to Assaf Henkin, senior vice president of Brand Intelligence for Amobee.

Of the 10 brands most Super Bowl ad associated in digital content engagement on Feb. 8 or the day after the game, only 8 released their Super Bowl ads ahead of time. Of the rest, T-Mobile released their Drake ad ahead of time while holding their Steve Harvey spot for the broadcast, while Taco Bell saved their Quesalupa ad for the big reveal. It looks like there isn’t much of a short term benefit to holding onto ads before the game. Teasers work.

And while the odd “puppymonkeybaby” ad from Mountain Dew drove engagement, it was Heinz’ adorable wiener dogs who drove the most positive sentiment. Even the day after, reactions broke down into 43 percent positive, 38 percent neutral, and 19 percent negative.