Exclusive: Social Tech Company Wayin Acquires Latin America’s Comenta.TV

By Jordan Chariton 

wayinlogoSocial technology company Wayin, known for social integration through billboards at sporting events and places like Times Square, has acquired South American social analytics company Comenta.TV.

With the acquisition, Wayin gets a set of tools geared toward measuring and leveraging Twitter activity.

“We looked at a lot of options and found Comenta TV to be unique in providing television producers with real-time intelligence into how audiences are engaging with their shows,” said Elaine Wood, President and CEO for Wayin. “Wayin sees this as an indispensable value to producers and networks in their quest to further engage their audiences while maintaining creative freedom.”

Since it started in 2011, Comenta TV has been offering television producers in Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Spain, and more access to data of where the best tweets are relating to their shows, which they can then integrate into their shows.

“For Comenta TV, this is an important moment for our team to build our next chapter,” said Juan Melano, the head of the TV development group out of Buenos Aires. “After a thorough assessment of social engagement platform vendors, we believe this transaction is the best path forward for Comenta TV and offers our company the strategy, financial means, the marketing resources and most importantly the determination to succeed in bringing social experiences to TV networks around the globe.”

The move by Wayin makes them a stronger player in social TV. We will continue watching new developments from Wayin following the new acquisition.