Exclusive: How Bravo has the most loyal fans

By Natan Edelsburg 

The first Lost Remote NYC Show is underway. We’ve already heard from MTV President Stephen Friedman and have an exciting morning that’s including talks from Facebook, Reddit and more. Bravo Digital Media Executive Vice President Lisa Hsia was just on stage presenting an exciting new piece of research exclusively with the audience. Here’s an inside look at how Bravo has the most loyal fans, how social editions of their shows perform better, details on @TheBravoholic and more.

How Bravo has the most loyal fans in social TV:

Hsia discussed a recent study the network conducted with LoudDoor, a Facebook Insights Preferred Marketing Developer. Bravo was named one of the top twenty brands (and only TV brand) with the most loyal fans. on Facebook. The study also named Bravo as the top network (out of more than 30).  Here are further results from the study which solidifies the fan driven brand that Bravo has built to help define social TV.

  • 91 percent of Bravo viewers say the network offers an outlet to voice their opinions and thoughts on Bravo and its shows, again ranking first among its competitors.
  • Viewers also ranked Bravo first in opportunities to engage with other fans and shows with 89 percent saying Bravo “gives viewers the opportunity to interact with other viewers of the network and its shows.”
  • 85 percent of Bravo viewers say Bravo responds to viewers’ questions and comments about the network and its shows on air, or on social networking sites (ranking Bravo 15 percent higher than the average of the other networks).
Bravo found that social editions of their shows perform better:
In her presentation Hsia showed off one of the best pieces of research to show that social TV really can drive ratings. Here are the highlights:
  • For “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” Bravo had 21,000 social media mentions around episode 407. Out of those mentions, the cable network selected 30 mentions randomly to promote during the airing of the social edition of the show, and found the chosen handles increased their activity by +41% the next week and +34% the week after, showing that engagement with the fans helped to create brand advocates for Bravo.
  • In addition, almost half of Bravo viewers say watching Social Editions adds to their enjoyment of Bravo’s shows.
Taking fan recognition to the next level. Meet @TheBravoholic:
Hsia also mentioned @TheBravoholic, Bravo’s first-ever rewards program for their die hard fans.  Two months ago, the network launched @TheBravoholic Twitter handle that is awarded to different fans to tweet in partnership with the network.

The fans get recognized in some really great ways:

  • with an on-air snipe announcing that they are the “Bravoholic of the week”
  • they get to ask a question WWHL
  • tweets are featured on social editions
  • @bravotv follows you and gives you a “shout out.”

The data for the study was gathered from 1,000 survey participants—defined as regular or occasional cable network viewers from ages 18 to 54 in NBCU Cable’s Viewer’s Voice research panel for the month of March 2013.