E! Introduces Original Show for Snapchat

By Steve Safran Comment

IMG_5050E! News has a new show, and it’s exclusive to Snapchat. The Rundown is a hyper-fast look at celebrity news, hosted by E! correspondent Erin Lim. It is true to Snapchat – taping on the screen advances the show to the next story. Don’t like hearing about Paris Hilton? You’re a tap away from Ryan Lochte.

But don’t tap too much. The program is just four minutes long. A little guide at the top of the screen lets you know which story is next.

According to a press release from E! News:

The show will cover everything E! News’ passionate, hyper-connected fan base want and need to stay in-the-know on the biggest trending stories of the week along with offering a unique and humorous take on all things pop culture.  The series will feature E! News’ signature, fast-paced storytelling formats and voice that fans love about the brand, but include new programming from E! News that can only be seen on Snapchat.

The Rundown will be a weekly show. Its first episode is now available on Snapchat Discover. If you want to get a peek, but don’t have Snapchat, there is a preview available on YouTube.