Dijit launches ‘NextGuide Clips’ and updates remote app

By Natan Edelsburg 

Dijit Media has continued to push forward as the role of the second screen for TV evolves. In September they launched NextGuide, an app that compliments their original Dijit universal remote app. As the year comes to an end the San Francisco-based company has announced some major updates to both apps. 

 Via a partnership with Hulu NextGuide has launched NextGuide Clips (you can download NextGuide here), “a library of awesome TV clips streamable within the app from shows like Saturday Night Live, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, The Colbert Report, Family Guy, The Simpsons, X Factor, MasterChef, Movie Trailers and more (like 18,000 clips more),” CEO Jeremy Toeman told Lost Remote. He described why else NextGuide is continuing to pave the way for the future of discovery. “Since NextGuide uses people’s profiles and interests to make recommendations, this extends into clips – so if you like Bill Murray, the app now finds his monologues from SNL, movie previews, etc. – if you like Coldplay, you’ll get an alert when someone covers their song on X Factor, or any other appearance,” he explained.

Dijit has also been updated to integrate NextGuide as the company takes a big step to unite both platforms. Here are the details of the updates.

  • The app will support iOS 6, iPhone 5’s, and Retina iPads.
  • NextGuide integration – now all Dijit Remote users and NextGuide users share the same profiles, so anyone can use either, or both of our apps for content discover on their iPad or iPhone.
  • There will now be a “record to DVR” option for DirecTV subscribers.
  • The user experience has been updated for a sleeker design.
  • “virtually every feature now supports accessibility options.”
When we first covered Dijit back in September 2011, we highlighted how they recognized the relationship between YouTube clips about shows and the actual TV shows. Now they’re combining this expertise while delivery discoverability alongside live TV, Netflix, Hulu Plus, iTunes, and Amazon Instant Video.