BuzzFeed launches ‘Social Tune In Program’ with Bravo and IFC as first partners

By Natan Edelsburg 

Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 1.20.06 PMIn August we wrote about BuzzFeed accelerating the success of Netflix original Orange is the New Black. Now the news and content platform is making an official and big leap into social TV with a new “Social Tune In Program” that “will create a full-circle TV, social and digital program for advertisers while leveraging BuzzFeed’s brand and unique voice on air. Bravo and IFC are the launch partners. Here are the details.

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From BuzzFeed:

Our first ads on BuzzFeed three years ago were with TV partners and TV Tune In is one of our strongest categories. Everyone talks about the two-screen experience being synchronous but it is also asynchronous. People learn about the shows they want to watch online, and after watching those shows, they go back to the web to read and share about those shows,” said Jon Steinberg, BuzzFeed President & COO. “We’re thrilled to launch this program with IFC and Bravo and to bring on new partners this year.

How IFC is using the new platform:

Each “BuzzFeed Block” is supported by IFC through on-air promotional spots and by BuzzFeed through sponsored posts on its site. A recent block featured the movies Up in Smoke and Cheech & Chong’s Animated Movie accompanied by the list, “13 Signs Your Reflexes Have Been Significantly Dulled.”  Additionally, IFC is an ongoing advertiser on BuzzFeed to promote its original comedies, including Portlandia, Maron and The Spoils of Babylon.

How Bravo is using the new platform:

Bravo amplified BuzzFeed content in their show Online Dating Rituals For The American Male and partnered with BuzzFeed to promote the Real Housewives Awards as a part of the Social Tune In Program.

There’s more to come…:

Members of BuzzFeed’s Social Tune In Program will also get early access to new ad products for TV advertisers. In April, BuzzFeed will launch a new TV Tune In ad product in partnership with, a universal queue and notification platform for filmed content. The feature will provide contextual tune-in information for TV shows and will allow user-enabled notifications so they don’t miss the next airing of their favorite show.

Why TV networks should pay attention to this:

PR departments at TV networks already know how important the site is from a news perspective. Now marketing and social teams and the networks will be able to compliment the organic efforts with more targeted ads around TV shows.