BroadcastAsia: Nielsen will present new social TV research about Southeast Asia

By Natan Edelsburg 

downloadLost Remote is continuing to cover the news breaking from BroadcastAsia 2014 in Singapore. Tomorrow, Nielsen will take the stage during the social TV day I’m chairing to present brand new research on “Internet TV, online video consumption, social TV” in the Southeast Asia regions. We’ll have the exclusives on this new research. In the meantime we interviewed Nancy Jaffe the Director of South East Asia Cross Platform Audience Measurement at Nielsen, who is leading the project and will be presenting along with Byron Munson from Videology, their partner for the research.

LostRemote: You’ll be presenting at Broadcast Asia, can you give us a sneak peak/hint at what you’ll be talking about?
Nancy Jaffe: It has become a cliché that the Internet is the future of TV. Our presentation will take a look at this premise through the lense of consumer behaviour. Nielsen recently completed a study of the digitally engaged consumer in six Southeast Asian markets. We will present a first look at some key findings from the research. We have new insights into the transformation of TV viewing behaviour – Internet TV, online video consumption, social TV.

LR: Very briefly, can you share how internet consumption/social media/television is unique in Southeast Asia?
Jaffe: Southeast Asia is a fascinating region because we see this dramatic transformation in behaviour. The speed of change is remarkable. Southeast Asia’s rising middle class is embracing mobile video viewing at a faster rate than we see in developed markets.

Involvement with social media is high in Asia, and we see this reflected in their social TV behaviour. Most digitally engaged consumers are reading and posting about their current TV viewing.
LR: Anything else?
Jaffe: The drivers of change are three top challenges for marketers today: mobile, social, local. These drivers are changing what consumers are watching and how they are watching. It is exciting to watch this rapid transformation in this dynamic, changing region.

Here are details on the presentation, which will take place at 3:30pm Singapore time (3:30am EDT). You can follow #BroadcastAsia2014 and myself for updates.

From Nielsen Southeast Asia Cross Platform Report, 2014: Revealing the Latest Trends In Cross-Screen Media Habits and What It Means for Advertisers, Agencies and Media Owners

  • How are emerging media consumption trends offering new ways to reach viewers?
  • What are Asian viewers doing on their companion screens and how can you engage them to build loyalty?
  • What are viewers’ attitudes towards advertising across platforms and how can you improve ad choices and placements for greater impact?
  • What do you need to know about the growing influence of social media on TV ratings? – A glimpse into new US findings from Nielsen Twitter TV Ratings

Nancy Jaffe, Director, Southeast Asia Cross Platform Audience Measurement, Nielsen
Byron Munson, APAC Regional Director, Sales Support, Videology