Halt and Catch Fire attracted the same audience as Mad Men, just not as many of them

By Natan Edelsburg 

Screen Shot 2014-06-08 at 12.08.05 PMAMC’s highly anticipated Halt and Catch Fire premiered on linear television a week ago and we took a deep dive into the emotional reactions to the episode with our analytics partner Canvs (by Mashwork). “The premiere of Halt and Catch Fire elicited just over 1,400 Tweets containing an emotional reaction, while the midseason finale of Mad Men, which aired the week before, saw more thank 10k,” according to Canvs. “Granted many of Halt’s audience may have seen the show earlier, as the when it became the first to premiere on Tumblr nearly two weeks before it aired – Halt was also available through on-demand platforms at that time.” It’s not surprising that a new show is seeing smaller numbers at first since it takes time to build a community and audience even with big splashes at the beginning. Here are the details from Canvs.

Additional insights from Canvs:

Beyond volume, the Mad Men and Halt audiences are nearly identical. The Halt and Catch Fire audience was slightly more male but almost exactly the same age as the Mad Men audience. Advertisers will be happy to know that both audiences also over-index in viewers who make more than $100k.

Lee Pace was by far the most mentioned topic in our analysis, excluding the name of the show. Though he may not be a household name yet, the Pushing Daisies star has a legion of loyal fans who live-Tweeted the show. In fact 46% of all conversation about Pace expressed love.