Al Roker Launches Periscope Ratings Index

By Karen Fratti Comment

al-rokerAl Roker Entertainment announced the launch of Al Roker Labs this morning, which will focus on tracking Periscope celebrities, using the Al Roker Entertainment (ARE) Index.

They’re partnering with Dextro to compile the ratings and they’ve found that there are already some trends in who drives attention on the live-streaming platform. They’ve already found that streams are most effective during evening hours, that people with low Twitter followings can generate large streaming audiences, and that Hillary Clinton will draw eyeballs. Here are some other top celebs with lower Twitter followings than their streaming audience:

  • @HillaryClinton
    • Twitter following: 3.83M
    • Periscope following: 96.5K
  • @KevinHart4real
    • Twitter following: 20.1M
    • Periscope following: 151.4K
  • @tomgreenlive
    • Twitter following: 283K
    • Periscope following: 25.9K

Ronald C. Pruett, Jr., an advisor to Al Roker Entertainment and co-founder of Roker Labs says in an official statement that:

Roker Labs will help connect the dots between the talent, brands and significant global audiences being assembled on these new live platforms. Live streaming is the missing link between television and social media. It will dramatically reshape content, commerce and online communities in completely new and unforeseen ways.

They’re hoping to leverage the data from Periscope to help brands and advertisers. Some other findings:

  • Talking heads (selfie streams) consistently remain the top-streaming category. About 30 percent of users stream themselves and are more likely to talk about beauty products, day-to-day activities, and food than anything else.
  • Streaming activity across all topics increases throughout the day, with the exception of technology. Periscope users are more likely to showcase their tech gadgets in the morning and afternoon.
  • Most users stream themselves cooking dinner as opposed to any other meal.

If you want to hit it big with Periscope users, just cast Hillary Clinton cooking herself dinner. There has to be a better way, right?