Ads of the Week: All Super Bowl, All the Time

By Karen Fratti Comment

Each week, brings Lost Remote their rankings of the top ads according to digital share of voice, tracking online views and social actions connected to each ad. Here’s the top ten for this week. 

Are you sick of Super Bowl ads yet? Too bad. The top ads this week are mainly some of the ones from the game, but since it’s a seven day view, it’s nice to see how brands that released full commercials or teasers before Sunday’s game fared over the week.

Top 10 Ads by Digital Share of Voice

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1. Pass It On Sweepstakes

10.54% Digital SOV  18,540 Online Views  999,538 Social Actions

2. First Date

5.43% Digital SOV  12,458,221 Online Views  319,646 Social Actions

3. Puppymonkeybaby

4.64% Digital SOV  9,117,816 Online Views  296,580 Social Actions

4. Extended: Wiener Stampede

4.15% Digital SOV  5,054,398 Online Views  313,793 Social Actions

5. Ryanville

3.04% Digital SOV  10,165,533 Online Views  128,216 Social Actions

6. Pokemon 20

2.29% Digital SOV  7,706,764 Online Views  96,259 Social Actions

7. Ultrasound

2.25% Digital SOV  2,347,538 Online Views  176,537 Social Actions

8. Super Bowl Babies Choir

2.18% Digital SOV  3,208,283 Online Views  156,205 Social Actions

9. Restricted Bling

1.82% Digital SOV  3,988,697 Online Views  110,631 Social Actions

10. Drop the Balls

1.73% Digital SOV  1,867,700 Online Views  134,043 Social Actions

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