ABC Tweets Premiere of New Show ‘Selfie’

By Karen Fratti 

selfieABC is promoting its new show “Selfie” by giving viewers access to the full premiere in their Twitter feeds. The show centers around a social media obsessed Eliza Dooley, a girl with a lot of followers, but no real friends, who decides to rebrand herself in the name of getting some IRL love. It’s all very meta.

The broadcast premiere isn’t until Sept. 30, but ABC is already fluffing target viewers with reminders (and instructions do so) to share the premiere on Twitter. On Instagram, they’re asking viewers to text their friends with the premiere date. The pilot is also already available on its website to stream for free.

Two other new shows will round out the Tuesday lineup on the 30th; “Forever,” about an immortal doctor, and “Manhattan Love Story,” which is a show about nothing, apparently, and doesn’t even have a pilot to stream. I made the mistake of letting “Selfie” play in my Twitter feed and the show does sound like it was created by a robot. Then again, if ABC does anything well, it’s getting fans to participate. But will Tuesday ever be as social as Shonda-Thursdays? You have to hand it to them for trying — even if it’s a little too hard.