Yann Martel Endorses Ang Lee’s Life of Pi Film Adaptation

By Maryann Yin Comment

In an interview with The Hollywood ReporterLife of Pi author Yann Martel gave his stamp of approval for Ang Lee‘s 3D film adaptation. He said that Lee’s film is “incredibly faithful to the book” not only in plot, but also in “the idea, the intent.”

Prior to shooting, Martel met with the director to give feedback on the screenplay. After that, the author took a very hands-off approach with film production.

He explained in the interview: “Early on, I made very clear that I was willing to do whatever they wanted me to do and that I was stepping back because I know my limits. I’m a novelist; it’s my business to write words and construct novels, not to make movies — as much as I love movies. I grew up watching movies.”

While he was writing the book, Martel always envisioned that his work could be a movie because of its “cinematic” storyline. Much to Martel’s delight, the film played to a packed house during the gala presentation event at the 50th annual New York Film Festival.

Rumors are swirling that Lee may follow-up this project by helming an adaptation of Stacy Schiff‘s bestselling biography, Cleopatra: A Life. Oscar-winning actress Angelina Jolie has already signed up to play the Queen of the Nile. Last year, it was reported that Cleopatra would be shot in 3D.