Why Writers Should Use the My Healthy Habits App

By Jason Boog Comment

Like most writers, I spend too much time behind a computer screen every day. It is easy to forget to eat good food, exercise, or get the right amount of sleep.

The free My Healthy Habits iPhone app can send us gentle reminders when we are buried under writing work. Download it to stick to your New Year’s resolutions.

AppNewser has more: “The free app from Indiana University is designed to help people set health goals and stick to them by incorporating them into day-to-day living. Users can create a personal program by choosing from a list of healthy behaviors within the app. These behaviors include  eating fruits and vegetables, getting more sleep, and exercise … Using the app, you can track your daily progress on an integrated calendar. You can even ask the app to remind you to stick to your goals by setting daily reminders. In the spirit of community, the app lets you share your program and your progress with your friends via Twitter and Facebook.”