Why One Publisher Used Medium to Share Book Excerpts

By Jason Boog Comment

Are you looking for a way to share book excerpts with your readers outside of the retail websites?

When Wieden+Kennedy decided to launch the Sharp Stuff imprint, they decided to use the new social network Medium to share excerpts from their first title, American Dreamers. We caught up with director of content and communications Jake Dockter to find out why.

He explained: “Medium allows us to post content, interact with readers and seamlessly integrate into our twitter and social media. We post an excerpt from our newest book, American Dreamers, every day. Medium users can then read and vote on the content. The highest rated pieces rises to the top, allowing us to track which content users like the most. Publishers no longer need to guess what people like but can interact with content in a new way.”

Dockter added: “Users can also respond by adding to our collection, giving us their thoughts and ideas. Our book can come alive and that is perfect for our vision. The printed book is the starting point. Each segment can be broken out, living in multiple forms on a variety of platforms. The goal is to reach the readers and Medium makes this possible way beyond the traditional (and static) physical book.  As Medium expands, reaching more and more users, the content becomes more and more dynamic, taking our book off the page.”

He concluded: “our collection is also open, meaning users can contribute to it. So as we post excerpts from the book, other Medium users share their dreams as well. We are getting more and more people sharing with us. (Giving us a chance to develop relationships and potential submissions for future projects!).”

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