Why Kickstarter Projects Get Delayed

By Jason Boog Comment

Are you thinking about building a Kickstarter campaign?

CNNMoney has published an investigative report, looking at why 84 percent of the biggest projects on the site were late. This is some crucial intelligence for independent creators, showing why even the best intentioned projects can get delayed.

Here’s more from the article: “CNNMoney contacted the creators of the 50 highest-funded Kickstarter campaigns with estimated delivery dates of November 2012 or earlier to determine their shipping status. We found that only eight of those 50 projects hit their deadline. Sixteen of the 50 projects haven’t yet shipped. Among the 26 projects that shipped but went out late, the median delay was two months, although some outliers took much longer. The most delayed project in our data set, a home espresso machine being developed by ZPM Espresso, is nine months overdue and doesn’t expect to ship until mid-2013.”